Moxie Academy

coming soon, moxie academy

What is Moxie?

It’s a street smart spirit that’s as old as recorded history, and as new as the rising sun. David had it; Goliath didn’t. It’s that intangible tangible. You don’t learn it in school and you can’t get it from a book. It can jump oceans and move mountains. It says, “Make your life what it can be. Take your life wherever it can go.” – Compendium Publishing

The Moxie Academy is for tenacious women and those who want to be one. For those who want to live on fire. Have you lost the fire in your soul? You know, the feeling that drives you to do and be more than you ever thought you could. Maybe you’ve never had the fire. That’s ok too & that’s why I’ve built this. To either remind you of your inner awesomeness or help you find it.

Books of resource:

MoxieDuck to eagle school

you are a badassNo glass ceilings