henry david thoreau quoteHourly Rate $75/hour (all clients prior to 7/1/19 are locked in at $50/hr) – Make a list of what you would like to work on, and we will hammer out as much as we can in an hour.

All of the options below are just an example of what we can work on. 

Business Inspection – Clear the energy in your business to support the work, employees and clients you serve.  We can adjust the frequency to attract new business, the right clients and retain good employees.  The sky is the limit when it comes to the business program (that goes for all of the programs for that matter).

Fitness/Nutrition Assessment – This is the program to assist you in adjusting how you take care of your body through food and exercise.  You may want to be in the best shape of your life, run a marathon, build muscle mass, love your body better or just eat healthier and honor your body’s own unique cycles, systems and rhythms. You can also find out your eating triggers and emotional eating patterns and clear them right away.  Be in the best health or heal your body with food.  Your body knows best!

Freedom Process – This is the program used to clear issues of any kind that may be a bit layered.  The ones that you may have had for a long time or maybe even brought through an ancestor in a family dynamic or pattern.  It is a focused experience to help you rid yourself of virtually anything that you would like freedom from as in a belief system, a habit, a pattern, a health issue and so much more!

Home Dousing – Clear, shift and simplify how to energetically take care of our home environments. When our home or foundation is off, everything in our lives can be off.

Karma Cleanse – Designed to help you get clarity and clear what it is in your life via old and new Karmic energies that are not working for you and holding you back.  We will be able to identify what the karmic issues are, clear and remove them.

Non-Verbal Check-in – This program is a tool for you to easily and effortlessly communicate with anyone who may be unable to communicate verbally for any reason. You could find out why your baby will not stop crying, or speak with your loved one who may have had a stroke.  You can also use this tool to speak with a part of yourself that you are unable to directly tap into to find out what your body may be trying to tell you with an ache or pain etc.

Pet Check-Up – This is the program to be used to communicate with animals.  You can find out what they have to tell you, why they have a health issue, how they feel about something, what they are here to help you with, if they are at the end of their life or if they want another animal companion and so much more!

Relationship Repair – This is the program to use to help adjust, clear or shift any relationship that is not working in the way you want it to into something that serves you and your life in a much smoother or better way.  It could be your relationship to an idea, your body, food, money, your neighbor, your spouse, paying taxes, a thought pattern and so much more!  But remember we are working on your side of the relationship and not someone else’s.  You can work on others relationships but only with their permission so be mindful of those things called boundaries.

Karma Pricing – I believe that Karma doesn’t have to just be a bitch. DO GOOD – GET GOOD! If there something that you would really need to work on, but can’t afford the pricing above please let me know & we can work something out.

More info coming soon on Energy Enhanced Vision Boards & Root to Crown Chakra Revitalization.

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